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Posted on June 17, 2013 – 00:00
Detox Stages: take a look - Master Cleanser - Lemonade Diet

Lemonade Diet though can help you in your weight loss goals in front, you may encounter some uncomfortable side effects during the diet. This is also known as the master cleanse diet, diet, you will be asked to drink lemon juice, pepper and maple syrup mixed with water several times a day, you can use laxatives beverages, as well as fully clean the colon. Some people say they detox diet, but it feels energetic, many people may feel other unpleasant effects.

Hunger you may feel hungry, while on the lemonade diet noted, WeightLossResources.co.uk. When you feel hungry, you should drink a glass of lemonade mixture. With the reduction in the amount of calorie intake, you may not feel very long. You may be suffering the pangs of hunger for some time since the diet may last up to 12 days. : Fatigue significantly reducing caloric intake will affect your energy levels, according to MayoClinic.com. Your blood sugar levels will fluctuate in the lemonade diet, because you will take fewer nutrients, which will also your energy levels, as well as rampant. Another side effect of tooth decay lemonade diet, you may experience tooth decay. This problem is caused by two main ingredient lemonade drinks – lemon juice and maple syrup. The acid in lemon juice can damage tooth enamel by WeightLossResources.co.uk reported. The sugar syrup sufficient regardless of the teeth is not good, the combination of these two may cause an increased risk of tooth decay. loss of nutrients macro nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fat or protein intake will be significantly reduced, while the lemonade diet, according to the Food Channel. This is to reduce the heat loss of the direct cause. No longer using this diet can also lead to other nutritional deficiencies, such as iron, calcium and other minerals, because you do not eat foods that contain these substances. This mineral loss may affect your body in the long term operation and health problems such as diabetes, heart disease or kidney disease, these violations may result in serious health consequences. Dehydration Dehydration like last time, you will suffer the lemonade diet, but it is a possibility with most detox diet. As part of the diet, you will need to use a salt wash or clean a part of the colon, laxative tea. These drinks can cause a plurality of liquid bowel movements during the day, according to CalorieLab.com. Multi diarrhea may lead to a lot of moisture loss, if you do not drink enough water, lemonade concoction against loss through diarrhea, you may become dehydrated. The result of dehydration, you may feel dizziness, dehydration can also cause your feelings of fatigue. Long-term dehydration can lead to more serious problems, such as impaired renal function. you may also like:

Source: www.howweightmanagement.com

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I tried the maple-syrup lemonade cleanse once

2009-07-03 17:39:25 by outofhistory1

With my ex. I reacted okay (felt a little sick), but he got VIOLENTLY ill. He was sitting on the toilet with constant diarrhea, while leaning over and at the same time projectile vomiting the lemonade into the sink. Poor guy, it was awful..,
We concluded that the more pollutants you have in your normal diet, the more shoking it is to the body to suddenly detox.
He was not allergic, they were all ingredients he has ingested before. He is a heavy drinker.
So, I think a gradual approach is good.

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    I am eating healthy and I exercise everyday at least 1 hour of cardio. Only bad thing I do is drink mostly vodka and diet sunkist lemonade. My weight loss has slowed down do you the it's related to the alcohol?

    • It probably doesn't help, but don't blame it all on the vodka! Maybe try to cut it down slightly, or use more lemonade to make up the drink?

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